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IEDUC cares more! The student's target is the tutor's target! IEDUC's tutors and staff believe that the success of the students is the real aim of the course. Each IEDUC' tutor has the same burden as that of any student supervized. This makes all the tutors carry their high responsibility in day-to-day students' development to achieve the students' targets either in scores or skills. IEDUC offers 3 (three) streams of concentrations:


1. Courses for those who want to study abroad in developed countries (scholarship or self financed), follow short courses, and apply for permanent resident. The programs are Preparations for IELTS, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL (Paper & iBT), SAT, TOEIC, "TPA"


2. Courses for executives, lecturers, or students who will attend or present their papers in international seminars, open or close international event, and those who have sufficient scores/ bands, yet need additional skills to succeed in their further study abroad. The programs are Giving Presentations, Writing, Giving speech, Conversation


3. Courses for specific purposes for example for univerity students (depends on background study), fresh graduate/ jobseekers, children, teenagers, professionals (lawyers, businessmeen and many more), subjects of studies (mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc.), general English, Conversation with specific subjects



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IEDUC was established on September 17th, 2001 under the name of the International Education Centre Foundation (Yayasan IEDUC), recognized by the Decree of Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia dated 29th November, 1979 No Y.A. 7/37/22.  EDUC is recognized by The Directorate General of Tax Department of Finance, West Regional Office 1 of West Java, Karees Tax Service, Bandung with the Decree No. PEM – 319/ WP.J.09/ KP.0503/ 2002.IEDUC is recognized by the Bandung municipal Regional Educational Office, Lengkong Sub District Administration with the Decree No. 434/ 136 – KURS. / Kec.



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