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Yuyuk Putri
Industrial Analysis Manager – Enterprise Services Division – PT Telkom – Jakarta

I met Bu Dwi from IEDUC Bandung for the first time when I took my bridging session in Telkom Learning Center Bandung. Bu Dwi came to our class, said that she will give us a brief test about series of numbers and alphabets. I took my paper and pencil, listened to her dictations which each consist of ten digits number, ten digits alphabets, and ten digits mixture of both. By the time she finished the 50 questions, I was shocked ..... I finished none of them ....
That day was unforgettable, because I realized that I was very far from the target I should accomplish. Most of the Top 100 universities in the world, which I tent to apply for my scholarship program, require minimum 6.5 for the IELTS Academic score with no band less than 6.0. I felt terrified after I did my first dictation with Bu Dwi. I came to her directly during the coffee break and asked her about additional private session, just to catch my gap. She smiled to me and said that she believed I can do much better in the upcoming time, but only if I do the preparation seriuosly.
The words embedded in my heart, and I decided to do the best I can. Bu Dwi and bu Ayu gave us a series of drills: listening, reading, writing (lots of it actually), and speaking (with a lot of ‘uneasy’ themes) ... They also shared the tips that I found very valuable during the real test. Bu Dwi also allowed us to send her as many writing tasks as possible, and then she gave necessary corrections in return.
I get 7.5 for my IELTS Academic, and that was my first official IELTS test ever. When my friends found out about this, the asked me about the tips. I just simply said to them : do what the teacher ask you to do, without objection, without hesitation. Thank you Bu Dwi, thank you IEDUC .... You are not just teach me about English, but you also teach me about dicipline and hard-working. (Oct 2013)

Fikri Ahmadi
PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia- master study in The USA

I have heard about GMAT before I attended an intensive course with IEDUC, yet I did not realize how overwhelming and exciting it would be. With IEDUC teaching method, they will test your limit and rock your comfort zone by supplying and testing you with various types of GMAT problems, be it on the verbal, quantitative, AWA, or integrated reasoning section. They will not let you content to your historical score achievement, since they seem to have an unlimited supply of question types to keep you challenged and help develop our skill on problem solving.
The teachers are also helpful and resourceful in explaining and discussing for GMAT?s tips and tricks, and helping me through frequent mistakes I made during trial tests. They even go the extra mile by assisting me on university selection since they themselves are overseas graduate. With IEDUC teaching method and competent teachers, you can be confident that you will survive GMAT while at the same time make it through you advanced study. Thanks IEDUC! Keep us challenged.
GMAT Preparation – Oct 2013

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