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Kadek Dhaneswara Saraswati Sangging
Architecture - Institut Teknologi Bandung graduate

I am very conscious with my stubborn attitude towards English learning but since I joined IEDUC, it was washed away. When I first arrived, I knew nothing about IELTS other than I had to gain great score on that test to pursue my study. The teachers are very helpful and provide great teaching methods which improve my skills. It was a shocking moment for me during my first week course when all teachers gave students abundant homework and tests that they called ‘dinner’.
They never forced us to do it but they made us realize that it depends on how much we want to improve ourselves. Although I found it difficult to follow the fast-pace learning at the first time, the endless motivation from IEDUC’s environment has been very encouraging. The staffs also never hesitant to help all students and give their best services. Even after my course ended, IEDUC still willingly helped me for preparing my further study. Specifically, Mrs. Dwi is one of the brilliant teachers I have ever met with a high spirit that never dies to support her students. She has always done her best to help her students or ez students even she is very busy.
One of the best parts during my course was my enthusiastic classmates. Their spirits toughened myself to learn harder in a fun way. Thanks to IEDUC, I found new friends that I can cherish in my lifetime. The time I spent in IEDUC is undoubedly an unforgettable experience. Lastly, I would like to say enormous thanks to all IEDUC’s teachers and staffs also my energetic classmates which help me moved forward to conquer my dream. Joining IEDUC was one of of the best decision I have ever made. I would definitely recommend IEDUC to everyone who wants to get IELTS score.Thinking about overall quality of this school I cannot imagine anything better.

(IELTS Prep. - Sept 2015)

Arina Yuthi Apriyana
Wageningen University & Research Centre – Biotechnology

Studying in IEDUC was one of the best decision I’ve ever made! Merasa beruntung sekali bisa belajar di IEDUC, ketemu teman-teman seperjuangan yang asik banget, dan yang paling penting berkesempatan diajar oleh guru-guru yang hebat serta selalu memotivasi.
Selalu teringat pesan Bu Dwi : You must work BLOODY HARD! Pesan tersebut selalu terngiang dan mendorong saya mencapai impian saya melanjutkan studi di wageningen University.
Terimakasih kepada IEDUC yang telah menjadi bagian besar dari perjalan saya. Untuk semua yang sedang belajar di IEDUC Have Fun! You won’t regret your decision on learning English here

Mei Ryanni
University of New South Wales

Pertama kalinya tiba di IEDUC bertemu dengan Bu Dwi yang selalu memotivasi saya untuk bekerja keras mangejar IELTS yang sebelumnya gak pernah les bahasa Ingrris. Saya belajar bagaimana untuk reading yang memakai strategi, kemudian ketika saya mengalami kesulitan, staff pengajar selalu meberikan masukan dan akhirnya saya bisa melanjutkan studi di kampus yang saya inginkan.
Terima kasih kepada IEDUC yang telah mengajari saya banyak hal dan kekeluargaan nya sangat erat.

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