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Luthfi Budiman
ITB Graduate, PhD candidate, RMIT University Australia

I knew IEDUC long before my office sent me here and all I heard just a whisper from my friends that this is one of the best English courses in Bandung which most ITBers attended this place to prepare their study overseas.
At first glance when I entered this course, I thought this place would be the same tedious English course as others. Surprisingly, I was wrong because IEDUC gave me more than just English but also a warm and welcoming environment as a family. For those who seek a good score in IELTS, TOEFL, GRE or other English tests, please do not underestimate yourself and worrying too much as here in IEDUC you will be guided by the best experienced teachers and they can lead you to focus on what is the prominent thing and eventually you will find your confidence to use English both for the test or a daily use.
It is my pleasure to be taught by excellent and astonishing IEDUC teachers and thank you for your support to make my dream come true. I look forward to seeing something new in IEDUC while I get back to this lovely city 3 to 4 years from now. Cheers…
Bandung, 15 February 2016

Galih Imaduddin
Public Official in Cimahi Municipality, West Java Province

IEDUC : Once Upon A Time….
Hallo. My name is Galih Imaduddin. I am a Local Public Official in Cimahi Municipality, West Java Province, Indonesia. Well, it took me a couple of weeks to finally finish this relatively short testimonial (hehehehe….). At first, I find it very difficult to select my words, as IEDUC have given me so many colorful and emotional experiences. But then, I remember that the most interesting point about IEDUC is this institution brought me to a new realm of English learning. It was in IEDUC that I first learned about IELTS test and how to prepare myself not only to get a good score but also to comprehend English in the way that I didn’t imagine before. In order to improve my English, I was told to think the way native speakers would think. This is a whole new concept and I find it very useful to improve my writing, learning and speaking skills.
IEDUC instructors, particularly Bu Dwi, Ms. Ayu and Ms. Vini, are great not only because of their knowledge about English, but also because they deliver encouragement, spirit and motivation towards their students. Bu Dwi challenged me to overcome my own personal limitation to the extent that I can have more confidence with myself. Ms. Ayu, with her distinctive British accent, assisted me useful tricks, particularly for speaking subject. Meanwhile, Ms. Vini, with her illustrious charm, helped me a lot with my writing skills, especially how to manage the number of words in order to be more effective. Aside from that, most of IEDUC staffs were very friendly and helped me to solve my needs. After taking intensive class for IELTS preparation, I finally reached 7.5 for my score. This is quite an astonishing achievement for me and I thanked IEDUC for helping me to reach this score.
I used this IELTS result to apply for a scholarship in order to continue my doctoral study abroad. After series of setbacks, I was finally able to fulfill my dream and Insya Allah, this year (2016) I am going to take a PhD Program in University of Queensland majoring Governance and Public Policy, sponsored by LPDP scholarship. For this fulfillment, I owe a debt to IEDUC.
Last but not the least, some students might consider IEDUC merely as an English institution but for me, IEDUC is more than that. It is like another home in which I am considered to be one of the inhabitants. One way or another, I am emotionally attached to this institution. Thank you, IEDUC
Galih Imaduddin (IELTS Intensive Program – 2013)

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