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Ranthi Whesi U.
Bachelor Degree of Agriculture - IAAS LC Universitas Padjadjaran
Overall IELTS International Test Score: 7.0 (L: 7.5, R: 7.5 , W: 6.0, S: 6.0)

At first I doubt whether 1 month intensive class will be enough for me to achieve the target score in IELTS, plus the diagnostic test result gave me a discouragement and made me unsure. However, day by day in IEDUC with abundant of supports from the teachers slowly gained my confident and it was proven by the increasing test result every 2 weeks.
Although my final test score didn't pass score 6 at all, thankfully, at the real test I got overall 7, what a score that over my actual target and am so grateful for that. Learning in IEDUC is more than just study to get a good score in IELTS, I got more insights in terms of learning English deeply and properly. I'm sure every point that I got from IEDUC will be useful for my further study abroad, I am just one step closer. Thank you IEDUC.


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