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Adiatma Y.M Siregar
Lecturer - Universitas Padjadjaran
University of Queensland Australia (master degree); Ph.D-Universityof Maastrict, The Netherland

Dua taun yg lalu saya lagi nyari tempat kursus yg punya persiapan IELTS 1 bulan. dulu saya ga tau yg namanya IEDUC, taunya yg beken2 aja (hihihihi), jadi saya datengin TBI, ternyata kursus mereka dah mulai, jadi saya ga bisa ikut. terus ke EEP, mereka ga punya program 1 bulan. nah akhirnya saya disuruh ke IEDUC sama IDP. Hmmmm, never heard of this place? Ya udah saya datengin deh. Pas pertama nyampe masih rada2 ga percaya niy sama yg namanya IEDUC. Pokoknya skeptic bgt.
But, pas kelas saya dimulai, well..things started to change. saya ngerasa ngejalanin kursus di IEDUC ko manfaatnya banyak juga ya ternyata. n even more than that, I felt very comfortable. nah, saya mulai menyukai IEDUC, dan belajar saya disana mulai maksimal. In the end, saya berhasil meraih skor IELTS yg bahkan diatas target saya, thanks for IEDUC's help.
Until this present moment, I still feel belong 2 that place coz I found my second family there. And more than just an IELTS score, I think that kinda thing is even harder to obtain..and to find. So, guys, whoever u are who is looking for a good English Course Institution, just come here and I assure u that u'll find more than just studying English? God bless you all, IEDUC's crew!
Adiatma Y.M Siregar
(Adiatma studied IELTS Prep. at IEDUC in Febuary 2004 class, graduated from the University of Queensland on 21 July 2006)

Grace Nababan
Enschede- The Netherland

IEDUC is a good place to improve your English ability. Based on my experience, studying in IEDUC was more to practice, they put the theory behind the practice. So when we were in the class, we felt like we re staying abroad, we were not even allowed to speak other language than english. Studying together in a small group made us get lots of English corrections, close to each other and feel more comfortable. So this place is highly recommended. Goodluck.....!! (Hidup IEDUC..hehehe..)
(Note :Grace studied IELTS Prep. At IEDUC in March 2005 class)

Ayata Arrasyid
undergraduate student - Singapore

Mmm,,I guess IEDUC is a good place for practicing English, plenty of experiences and not wasting time. The teachers are kind and patient. "IEDUC was the place where I learnt IELTS for the first time and now I'm going to take Management Studies in Singapore Institute of Management. Nothing was useless at IEDUC and I found my glory of IELTS in here!
The most important is I'd like to say thanx a lot! Dedicated to Bu Dwi, Bu Usye, Mba' Ayu, Mba' Icha, Mas Andrew, Mas Imam, Mas Ruby, Mas Fredy, Mas Adi and of course to my classmates namely Bagus, Zaza, Padang cs, Mas Opik, Mas Ivan, Bu Eva, Bu Aam, BuAan. Once again thank you guys!!!
(IELTS Super Intensive - August 2006)

Bagus Prabowo
Military Academy, Australia

IEDUC is wonderful place for practice English. I got more experience in English from there (bener teu sih English gw) Especially about IELTS. Mulai dari pengajar dan stafnya(bu Dwi, bu Usye, mba Ayu, mas Andrew, pa Beny, mas Imam, mas Ruby, mas Fredy, mba Icha) ampe temen2 kelas (sama kyk yg disebutin Ayata).
Kgk ada kata nyesel masuk ke IEDUC. edan pisanlah, pol bgt. Sering-sering jalan bareng lagi ya. Doain bagus masuk AKMIL taun depan trus brngkat ke Aussie. Amin....Nuhun....Yuuu....
(IELTS Super Intensive - August 2006)

Ismail Muttaqin
student- Electrical Power Engineering in RWTH-Aachen University, Germany

This is Ismail Muttaqin.. I am now in Aachen-Germany. I take my Master Programme in I would like to say thanks to all of you because of your supports, cooperation and teaching given to me when I learned IELTS there. All the teachers gave me many basic principles of study that I have never got from the other English courses, so when I got them I knew the keys, I felt much more confident in improving my English.
The most important thing is the exercise questions given by IEDUC are more difficult compared with the official institution which provides IELTS International test..
Another reason that makes me feel very happy studying in IEDUC is because most of the teachers are almost the same age as I am..hehe..They are still so young and energetic and eventually I would never feel hesitant to ask as much as I wanted.
Special Thanks for Mrs Dwi, Ayu, and Andrew who were very patient in teaching me. I hope IEDUC will be bigger and become one of the most leading English courses in Indonesia....because I know you will...!
(Ismail studied IELTS Prep. At IEDUC in June 2006)

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