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Sarjito Narto Sarjono
Lecturer - Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta - Ph.D graduate - Kingston University, UK

My dearest teacher, the most energic and the most inspirative Ibu-Dwi and all of colleagues at IEDUC.
Alhamdulillah, I am pleased to inform you that I have defended my thesis yesterday and passed, InsyaAllah, I am getting PhD-award for my thesis subject to minor corrections.
Thank you for teaching me in English prior to study at Department of Aeronautic and Mechanical Engineering, The Faculty of Science Engineering and computing London, UK. I knew your involvement boundedness and your patience limitless for me and all of us. Eventually, all praises be to Allah and all the best you are all.
My Allah blesses and provide for us barokah, healthy and prosperity forever today and the day after.
Sarjito (3 July 2012)

Rizky Fajrurrochman

Terima kasih banyak untuk IEDUC yang sudah memberikan ilmunya buat saya dan teman teman unpad, buat tim administrasi yang ramah dan pengajar yang asyik . buat pengajar kelas saya yang cantik dan baik hati (miss dewi) hehee, maaf bila saya ada salah salah sikap baik di sengaja maupun tidak. (17 December 2011)

Sharfina Mutia Syarifah
Universitas Negeri Malaysia, Serawak

Thanks for the amazing adventure studying IELTS in IEDUC ... thanks to UMS too for sharing the course with me... hope that IEDUC can always be there for the ones who needed help. (9 March 2011)

Mokhamad Anwar
Lecturer - Economics Faculty - Universitas Padjadjaran - Ph.D. Leicester University, UK

Alhamdulillah, after taking intensive course in IEDUC, I have got 6.5 point of IELTS Test, and now I am studying at Leicester University, UK ..Again, thank you Mokhamad Anwar Padjadjaran University - Bandung IELTS Preparation - private (April 2009)

Dana S. Kusumo
IT Telkom Lecture - PhD - UNSW, Australia

Thanks for all lessons. Alhamdulillah i pass IELTS for my PhD requirement. Dana S. Kusumo (IELTS Prep - Intensive program, February 2009)

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